Jato Zongo benefits from 22,500 cashew seedlings.

The Atebubu-Amantin municipal chief executive Hon. Edward Owusu has described the ‘planting for export and rural development’ PERD initiative of the government as a potential source of wealth for the people.

He made the assertion at the start of the distribution of about 22,500 cashew seedlings to beneficiaries at Jato Zongo, a predominantly farming community in the Atebubu-Amantin municipality.

“Our parents engaged in mainly yam farming just as we do now which hasn’t impacted our fortunes that much but a diversification into cash crop like cashew farming can prove beneficial to us in at most six years and could also serve as a legacy which we could bequeath to our dependents even after we are gone”. He said.

Hon. Edward Owusu urged the beneficiaries to take good care of the seedlings to make the investments made by the municipal assembly in the project over the years worthwhile.

The municipal director of the department of agriculture Mr Stephen Aidoo expressed his gratitude to the government and the municipal assembly for their support which has ensured the sustenance of the project since its inception in 2019.

He said 89,000 seedlings were raised in the first year whiles 100,000 were distributed in 2020 and 45,050 seedlings went to farmers last year.

Some beneficiaries complained about the adverse effects of bushfires on their activities whiles others were concerned about the Fulani herdsmen menace.

A few suggested the inclusion of mangoes in subsequent years since the crop also thrives in the municipality.

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